Irrevocable Choice

Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Stereotypes About Pro-Lifers

Many movements have a fringe minority who try to use violence to get the message across. Some among this minority do not care about the message as much but use the movement as an excuse to commit violent acts.

We would not assume that those who marched for civil rights for African Americans in the 1960s were ALL violent just because a small fringe element committed violent acts. We would not assume that those opposed to the Iraq War were all violent.

It is fascinating that some feel pro-life people are automatically "violent." If one is truly pro-life, they canNOT condone violence of any form. This includes the violence done by so-called "pro-lifers" AND the violence done to approximately 4,000 babies daily via abortion. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rebukes St. Peter for violence when Jesus was captured (see Matthew, Chapter 26, verses 51-52). That admonition holds true for ALL of us. Violence is a mortal sin. One canNOT be truly pro-life and condone violence against anyone. Period.

Many religious and/or pro-life groups/web pages have warnings/commentary about violence. See the following. (Links below are for information only. They do not imply consent of any content by this author.)

Factually inaccurate implications about those who participate in pro-life activities unfortunately confuse those who do not have firsthand knowledge about the movement. It does no good for the pro-life movement if the violence inflicted on human babies is met with violence by pro-lifers. Those who are in any way connected to the movement to keep abortion legal need to live a LONG life in order to have sufficient opportunity for repentence and penance. Let's make it clear that we are all sinners. Those who are pro-life are not without sin.

Considering the list above, it is clear that many pro-life groups make it well known that they are opposed to violence. It must be assumed that those who make implications about pro-lifers being "violent" have mysteriously missed ALL of these sites (including a major national site such as the American Life League). Perhaps better research techniques are in order?