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Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Praying Near the Mississippi Abortion Mill on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

A few weeks ago, I attended an event coordinated by the Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary Crusade in Jackson, Mississippi. Following is my account of the event...

The Rosary Crusaders pray the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the St. Bridget Prayers, and exorcism prayers near places of child sacrifice. This particular event began on December 12th. December 12th is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe** in the Catholic Church.

God provided a beautiful day for our peaceful picket in Jackson, Mississippi. The temperature was in the high fifties to mid sixties.

I would estimate about thirty to thirty-five people showed up, including the local pro-lifers. Operation Rescue West sent a Truth Truck (a small box truck with panels showing the graphic truth about abortion) to the area.

Fr. Peter West from Priests for Life also attended this event. He was in the area from Sunday night through Tuesday morning. On Monday morning, he gave the homily at St. Richard's Church.

The center for child slaughter in Jackson is the only abortuary in the entire state of Mississippi. If it closes through prayer and peaceful/legal protesting, the whole state of Mississippi will be free of abortion mills. The Jackson abortuary is not a part of Planned Parenthood, but rather a part of a small chain of fifteen child killing businesses. There are no "escorts." The child sacrifice business has a small sidewalk on one side near the entrance to the parking lot and a sidewalk on a main road. There is a metal fence separating the sidewalk from the mill, but pro-life people can speak to the cu$tomer$ as they enter. One of the local pro-lifers mimics a child's voice. She calls out phrases such as "Mommy, I love you. I want to see your face. Daddy, please don't kill me."

The day started with a civil rights rally. Richard, the leader of the group, connected Martin Luther King's struggle for civil rights with the struggle for rights of preborn babies. Three African Americans from the area spoke. The first was a woman who had an abortion. She spoke on the need for more African Americans to come out here and hold signs witnessing for life. She explained that she went to Confession because of her abortion. The priest gave her a Penance of volunteering for a hospital for six weeks. She volunteered at the gift shop and was accused of something she did not do and told she was no longer needed. She then decided to witness for life near the abortion mill and is continuing to do this. Another speaker gave an excellent talk that seemed so well rehearsed and polished....and this was his very first time ever witnessing for life in front of an abortion mill. When a representative from the media came a short time later, he was told to speak with this man.

The city of Jackson has approximately 250,000 people, with the majority being African American. The pro-life movement in Jackson is primarily composed of whites. From what I observed, the cu$tomer$ of this abortion chamber were 98% African American. The abortion mill is getting African Americans in Mississippi to voluntarily deplete their numbers. While they may not intend to be racist, numbers speak for themselves. The work of the Jackson, MS abortion mill would please any white supremecist group. While Margaret Sanger was against abortion (her issue was artificial contraception), at least the numbers would please her. In a letter to Clarence Gambel, Margaret Sanger made it clear that she wanted to "eliminate the Negro race."

Across the road from the abortion mill, there is a public parking area. This area is in front of a building renting spaces for businesses, including a restaurant. But the parking lot is not owned by that business. Operation Rescue West staff parked their Truth Truck in one of the spaces. Tenants and the building owner became furious. They demanded the truck be moved. They said they would call the police and have it towed away. Operation Rescue West staff indicated that this was a public lot and did not move the truck. The police were called. According to Operation Rescue West's site, the police claimed a "permit" was needed to park their truck in that location (again, a public parking area). Operation Rescue West called the police officer's bluff. In the end, the truck remained until Operation Rescue West decided to move it. The tenants continued to hang around outside and occasionally screamed at the pro-lifers. From across the street, they mocked Christianity and blasphemed our Lord. The tenants were unhappy with the pro-lifers who passed out literature being passed on a public street corner.

Reactions from State Street were primarily positive. Of course, most people ignored us. I recall all reactions from African Americans were positive. The majority of reactions from whites were negative. One woman complained to us. She told one of the pro-lifers to get a job and said the same to me. Before I could tell her there is such a thing as vacation time, she rolled up her window.

The police shifted to the other side of State Street. Richard (leader of the Rosary Crusade) was told that he did not get a permit to pray. It was apparently okay to process up and down the sidewalk, but his group could not pray in front of the abortion mill. Apparently, a permit must be obtained thirty days in advance. I believe one of the local pro-lifers informed me that laws in Jackson seem to change quite frequently. One of the local pro-lifers went to the police station and obtained a permit for the group to pray during the day time. Prior to this, he had suggested that they just hold signs. Richard indicated that they were here to pray.

On Mondays, the child slaughter center opens at noon for "counseling." Mississippi has a 24-hour waiting period. Apparently, children are not slaughtered here on Mondays. Pro-lifers attempted to provide literature and speak with cu$tomer$ of the mill. At least one cu$tomer replied with vulgar language. Most ignored us. One kept yelling so she did not have to hear what we had to say.

Operation Rescue West staff started driving their truck around town. Had the restaurant owners and other tenants not been so abrasive, ORW likely would have begun driving the truck much sooner. Of course, as soon as that parking space was vacated, another vehicle filled the space.

Two babies were saved today, thanks be to God. One young woman whose sister had an abortion came to speak with the local pro-lifers. She said she wanted to help other mothers avoid doing what her sister did.

I went to dinner at a restaurant fairly close to the abortion mill called Que Sera Sera (a different restaurant from the one directly across from the mill). After paying my bill, the waiter said to come back again soon. I explained that while the food and service were great, I was from another state so I probably wouldn't be back. I said I was there for the abortion protest. He said it was a great cause.

(**This is a title for the Blessed Virgin Mary. When she originally appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe during the 1500s in what is now Mexico City, the Aztecs were slaughtering thousands of people to their pagan gods. The slaughtered victims included children. The Blessed Mother's appearance caused thousands of Aztecs to convert to the Catholic faith and worship the Holy Trinity, the one True God Who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This conversion ended the sacrifices. In today's times, we can see how the Blessed Mother appeared because God left an image of her on St. Juan Diego's tilma (a cloak made of cactus fibers). While a tilma normally falls apart after twenty years, this particular tilma is still intact today, over 450 years after the appearance. It can be viewed by the public in Mexico City. Despite all of our scientific advances, science cannot duplicate many aspects of the image. Of course, this is because the image was not made by man; it was made by God Himself. Because her appearance in the 1500s brought about the end of human sacrifice by the Aztecs, Catholics look to this particular apparation of the Blessed Mother in the abortion struggle. Abortion is child sacrifice to the idols of "convenience" and "choice." Humans have copied the aspects that can be duplicated and made a small number of replicas known as Missionary Images. The Missionary Images were blessed by Pope John Paul II. When they have been taken past abortion mills, some abortion mills have closed within a short period of time. In Wichita, a secular newspaper noted that rose petals came out of one of the Missionary Images when it was brought near an abortion mill.)