Irrevocable Choice

Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tiller Asked For It

Tiller's attorney asked for Bill O'Reilly to be fired. A good part of O'Reilly's show was devoted to Tiller. A national audience gets to learn about the sickening events in Kansas. We learned of Tiller's political contributions to AG candidate Morrison. We learned how Morrison will drop the investigation into Tiller if he wins. Hmm... Tiller should remember Ward Churchill. O'Reilly talked about him for quite a while. Then Hannity and Colmes talked about him. After calling for O'Reilly to be fired, I really kind of doubt O'Reilly is going to let go. Campaign contributions to Kansas statewide candidates aren't going to silence O'Reilly. Tiller might remember Sami Al-Arian who O'Reilly exposed. Al-Arian was arrested.

Bill O'Reilly, THANK YOU for exposing this baby killing business owner!