Irrevocable Choice

Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tiller's Abortion Mill Gave Abortion Customer Names to ProKanDo Pro-Abortion Political Action Committee in Prior Years

The pro-abortion side is whining about O'Reilly and Kline making generalizations about abortions taking place in Tiller's child slaughterhouse. Tiller's lawyers are talking about customer "privacy." It's funny because in prior years, Tiller gave his customer data, including NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS to ProKanDo, a pro-abortion political action committee. O'Reilly exposed that on the air in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the notice disappeared from Tiller's web site. Will the pro-abortion crowd condemn what Tiller's child slaughter business was doing? I'm not going to hold my breath.