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Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Operation Save America and the Koran

I agree with Operation Save America's views on abortion and homosexuality. They are sins. Period. In terms of Islam, while I have profound disagreements with Islamic theology, I must say I object to the notion of OSA burning a Koran as they did last Tuesday in Jackson, MS. Regardless of the reasons given by OSA, this simply serves to divide us. Muslims see it as an insult. Period. It only serves to divide those who are pro-life and it allows opportunities for the pro-aborts to allege that prolifers are "intolerant." There is no justification for their action.

From what I understand, Operation Save America objects to the way Islam portrays Jesus. They do not portray Him as God but rather as a prophet. Furthermore, they put the prophet Muhammad ahead of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I object to this as well. But this objection can be done in a respectful manner that addresses the point of contention while not offending the other side. Burning a Koran is certainly NOT going to win converts to Christianity. Aren't we called by Jesus to win souls for Him?

Judge Sentences Innocent Teenager to Cruel and Unusual Torture

The Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Judges are supposed to rule according to the Constitution. Ironically, a judge in Virginia is sentencing an innocent teenager with cancer to cruel and unusual punishment. Abraham Cherrix is being forced by a judge to undergo chemotherapy. In a television interview, this young man described his last experience with chemotherapy as "worse than death." He has would like to take alternative treatments.

In order to justify their taxpayer funded salaries, Accomack County Department of Social(ist) Services stuck their nose in the Cherrix's private family affairs. Thanks to this judge (who has sentenced an innocent teenager to cruel and unusual punishment), the county social(ist) services department has joint custody of this teenager.

When it comes to abortion, we are often lectured by pro-aborts about the need to be "pro-choice." We are told "this is my body" by women who want to sacrifice the innocent children inside of them. Yet these pro-abortion activists are strangely silent in the case of Abraham Cherrix. In his case, since he is biologically incapable of carrying a child, there is no second body inside of him, thus he should have the CHOICE to avoid taking treatments that very possibly could result in his death. Oh, silly me, "pro-choice" only comes into play when people want to kill pre-born babies or passively euthanize disabled people.

It's fascinating the way judge's minds work. It was a "private family affair" and "the law" supposedly granted Michael Schiavo the right to bring about Terri Schiavo's death via brutal and unnecessary torture (withholding food and hydration from her). Judges voted pro-euthanasia all the way up the line from the state courts through the Supreme Court (refusal to hear the case equals a pro-euthanasia vote). In a dramatic reversal, this judge (who I must note did not have anything to do with Terri Schiavo, but is a judge nonetheless) decided it was necessary for the Accomack County Department of Social(ist) Services to stick its taxpayer-funded nose in a private family affair about medical treatment.

Taxpayer-funded abortion mills in various states are allowed to see young girls and provide birth control or even child slaughter services to them without parental consent. Yet in this case, this poor young man's PRIVACY is being abridged by the government. The hypocrisy of this case is disgusting.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pro-Aborts Interrupt Memorial Service by Shouting Profanities at Participants

Peaceful witnesses for life had a memorial service for a murdered preborn baby on Wednesday. According to the Clarion Ledger, pro-aborts decided to interrupt the ceremony by screaming profanity at the participants.

Pro-aborts are evidently not satisfied with the fact that the supreme court legislated the so-called "right" to child sacrifice from the bench. Instead, they must crash memorial services. But I thought abortion was all about "compassion." Well, it's not 'compassionate' to rip the limbs off an innocent child. It's not 'compassionate' to burn a child in a saline solution. It's not 'compassionate' to suction a little child out of the womb so the child falls apart. It's not 'compassionate' to jam scissors in the skull of a partially delivered child. Since pro-abort activisits are in favor of these kinds of hideous activities, how can anyone possibly expect them to know the definition of "compassion"?

What the pro-aborts campaign for is profane. Thus it is only natural to expect that what comes out of their mouth is profane. Their disgusting behavior at this memorial service only proves it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

City of Jackson Needs Tax Money From Abortion Mill

Mississippi is one of the nation's poorest states. The abortion mill that exists in the city of Jackson is a for-profit entity and pays taxes to the city of Jackson. If it closed, the city would have fewer tax revenues to waste on such things as police who can't stem the routine violence that occurs in Jackson.

If Operation Save America were able to get their message out without interference, there is the possibility that more people might find the Lord and recognize that promiscuous sex (the cause of at least 95% of abortions) is evil and unnecessary. Of course, doing that would have a negative impact on the child killing business in Jackson. If the child killing business was unable to stay afloat due to lack of customers, there is always the possibility that the city may not be able to collect taxes on that property.

As peaceful, law-abiding Christians are arrested and have their property stolen from them by the police, they have fewer chances of getting their message out. As violent anarchists destroy a car owned by a prolifer, it impedes and distracts OSA from getting their message out. The police allegedly allowed the anarchists to go free. But they have made a point to arrest peaceful, law-abiding Christians. I am not at all suggesting anything. But it is MY OPINION that this interference benefits the abortion business and the city.

Pro-Abortion City of Jackson Issues Permit for ONLY Six People for Operation Save America

When Operation Save America informed the city of their planned presence, I have no doubt in my mind that they made the city aware that at least 100 people would show up. Conveniently the city of Jackson issued a permit for SIX people at a time to be in front of the Jackson child killing center. They also said that peaceful witnesses for life could only be on a sidestreet where the abortion mill's entrance is located.

I witnessed for life in front of that abortion mill last year. There is a main road with a lot of room on the sidewalk. There is a residential street where the entrance to the mill is located and only a short patch of sidewalk. By forcing everyone on that small space, they will prevent the pro-life message from getting out. Thus, the city and their cowardly police department are interfering with the free speech rights of peaceful, law-abiding Christians.

Of course, what can we expect from a city whose cowardly police department allegedly REFUSED to arrest violent anarchists wielding a PVC pipe who destroyed a vehicle? The mayor of Jackson put the city under a state of emergency (unrelated to the pro-life presence and before it began) because of routine violence. Evidently, the tax-funded police are either unwilling or unable to stem the repeated violence in this city.

Judge Rules in Favor of Jackson Police Arresting Peaceful, Law-Abiding Christians

According to the Clarion Ledger, a judge ruled against the American Family Association's request to stop the police from violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. What can we expect from the courts? Afterall, it was the supreme court that ushered in the era of legalized child sacrifice by legislating abortion from the bench.

The Jackson "police" cannot stem routine violence in the city of Jackson yet they have time to violate free speech rights of peaceful, law-abiding Christians. Basically, the peaceful, law-abiding Christians won't resist so it's easy for the cops to arrest them. They can say "look we arrested people!" while the real criminals are out committing violence, or possibly destroying more cars with PVC pipes.

The American Family Association will now take its case to the Fifth Circuit Court. Somehow, I doubt things will get any better. The Constition no longer exists in the People's Anti-Christian Pro-Abort Republic of Jackson, MS.

Pro-Abortion Jackson Police Steal Crosses, Pro-Life Signs, But Allegedly FAIL/refuse to Confiscate Dangerous PVC Pipe Wielded by Terrorist Pro-Aborts

The Jackson "police" department, a useless waste of taxpayer money which cannot stem the routine violence that takes place in their city (causing the mayor to declare a state of emergency), has stolen crosses and pro-life signs from peaceful, law-abiding Christians. However, they allegedly FAILED and/or REFUSED to take the PVC pipe wielded by terrorist pro-aborts away from them. The police saw the remains of the vehicle destroyed by these terrorist pro-aborts and allegedly did NOTHING (of course, their story is that a pro-lifer allegedly hit a pro-abort with a car ---- yet amazingly they neglected to arrest the pro-lifer or even cite him for allegedly hitting someone!). How can anyone feel safe with these cops who can arrest peaceful law-abiding citizens but fail to deal with the real criminals?


Monday, July 17, 2006

Pro-Lifers Have Pictures of the Pro-Aborts' Hate Crime

The Jackson "police" and others claim that a windshield belonging to a Christian was damaged due to a pro-lifer allegedly hitting someone. Funny, because while the Jackson police went HOGwild arresting Christians who were practicing their right to freedom of speech (something evidently banned in the People's Anti-Christian Republic of Jackson, Mississippi), they mysteriously neglected to arrest any Christian for allegedly hitting someone. Since they evidently enjoy preventing Christians from exercising their right to free speech, clearly they would go for the "big prize" of arresting a Christian for something far more serious. I guess, since the mayor declared a state of emergency, because the police seem to be unable to do their tax-payer funded job and stop the daily violence that goes on in Jackson, they have to have something to do. They need to pick on someone so of course they would go after peaceful, law-abiding citizens. They evidently can't seem to get after the real criminals. But I digress.

Anyway, THESE photographs show a very different story from what the "police" and others claim:

Tell me, does the above look like someone was hit by a car? On the contrary, the CAR LOOKS LIKE IT WAS HIT REPEATEDLY AND SEVERELY DAMAGED by a group of angry looking individuals clutching a PVC pipe and hiding their faces.

Pro-lifers have the pictures and the means to sue this so-called "police" department. It seems funny that the police have a totally different story though. Are they living in an alternate reality? They must be. Afterall, in their reality, the First Amendment doesn't exist. In the alternate reality of the Jackson police, violent terrorists seem to be free to commit dangerous, illegal, and hateful acts while peaceful law-abiding citizens are subject to arrest and government-sponsored theft.

Different Story About the Pro-Abort Terrorists' Hate Crime

The Clarion Ledger quotes the president of the board of trustees of the Unitarian Church (where pro-abort terrorists committed an anti-Christian hate crime) as saying that the vehicle's windshield was smashed because a pro-lifer allegedly hit a pro-abort. Um, look at these pictures:

Does this look like the vehicle hit anyone?

The board of trustees president mysteriously seems to have forgotten about the huge PVC pipe that the picture indicates was swung at the vehicle.

Let's see, isn't hitting someone a crime? The police have gone out of their way to interfere with Christians peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. Those kinds of violations are nothing compared to an allegation of hitting a person. If someone truly was hit by a Christian from Operation Save America, you better believe the police would have swooped down on the driver and locked him or her away. With that in mind, combined with the pictures, forgive me if I just don't buy the story that a Christian struck someone with their car and that was what resulted in a smashed windshield.

Christians have a different story and pictures to go along with it. They allege that the police were present while pro-abort terrorists (see pictures above) took a PVC pipe to a vehicle. The police allegedly claimed that because this was on private property, they could do nothing. In my opinion, that is a COWARDLY and lame excuse for condoning a HATE CRIME against Christians. Furthermore, if the police truly sat by while this hate crime took place, they are guilty of committing an anti-Christian HATE CRIME by failure to do their duty and uphold the law. Violence of this sort is against the law, UNLIKE freedom of speech. It seems the police arrest people for exercising their rights and allegedly stand by while terrorists commit senseless violence.

Every one of us will one day face the Lord. Jesus has said "Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me." A Christian being harassed by a mob of angry terrorists wielding a dangerous PVC pipe is truly the least of God's people. Any police officer who sat by while this took place, despite having the sworn duty to stop incidents like these, has stood by while this took place against Jesus Himself.

Pray for everyone involved (the police, the peaceful pro-aborts, the terrorist pro-aborts, and most certainly the peaceful witnesses for life).

Did Pro Abort Terrorists Pay Off Jackson Police?

The Jackson "police" allegedly stated that they could not stop physical violence from a group of anti-Christian terrorists because the terrorists were committing their hate crime on private property. The anti-Christian hate crime took place at a Unitarian Universalist Church.

Now let's consider the events at St. James Episcopal Church. According to the Clarion Ledger, police arrested peaceful Christians who came with Operation Save America. Hmm, since the Unitarian Universalist Church is private property and that supposedly bars the police from DOING THEIR DUTY, logic would dictate that since the St. James Episcopal Church is also private property, the police cannot arrest anyone there.

For a moment, let's forget about the fact that the peaceful Christians who WERE arrested were merely observing their Constitutional rights while the terrorists who were NOT arrested were BREAKING MULTIPLE LAWS. This boils down to two possibilities. IN MY OPINION, either the Jackson police are colossal COWARDS or they have been PURCHASED by pro-abortion terrorists.

Yes, I am well aware that the Clarion Ledger states the "police" arrested some peaceful pro-abortion people who were holding signs. But the police allegedly did NOTHING about this:

Do Cowardly Jackson Police Have an Arrest Quota

The cowardly Jackson "police" allegedly found every excuse possible to violate peaceful Christians' First Amendment rights. In the meantime, they allegedly allowed HATE-FILLED TERRORISTS TO CONDUCT BRUTAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIANS.

The "leader" of Jackson (who ultimately bears responsibility for his cowardly, incompetent wastes of hard-earned taxpayer money) declared a state of emergency several days before the peaceful witness for life. This had nothing to do with Operation Save America's events; it had to do with the regular everyday violence that occurs in Jackson because of incompetent so-called "protectors." Do the so-called "police" have a blind arrest quota? Are they supposed to just arrest a certain number of people rather than focusing on catching actual criminals?

Jackson lets violence occur on a daily basis. They allegedly let violent terrorists come in from out of town and they come up with cowardly excuses to justify not arresting them. Then they go ahead and arrest peaceful Christians who they KNOW will not resist. This is cowardice at its height. This is incompetence. If the Jackson "police" allow violence to occur and then arrest peaceful people instead, this is OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT.

Is Jackson, MS part of the United States? Or is it a communist nation where the U.S. Constitution doesn't exist and where the official policy of its government is ANTI-CHRISTIAN HATE?

Cowardly Jackson Police Allegedly Commit and Condone Hate Crimes Against Christians

Various blog reports indicate that the Jackson and Hinds County "police" departments are arresting peaceful Christians while allowing terrorists to run free on the streets. Anti-Christian Terrorists are free to smash a vehicle owned by a Christian and threaten one or more Christian's lives. These evils are HATE CRIMES. In the case of the vehicle being smashed, police witnessed the event and had some cowardly excuse for not doing anything. The police COMMITTED A HATE CRIME AGAINST CHRISTIANS by failing to arrest the perpetrators.

Look at these pictures posted on the Josiah Project:

The taxpayer-funded "protectors" of the area allegedly just stood by and watched this. Excuses allegedly ranged from the fact that this brutal hate crime took place on private property to the fact that the terrorists would not give their names.

The police have the DUTY to do something about this. ONLY an ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOT or a COWARD or both could sit by and watch this happen when he or she had the authority and DUTY to do something about it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pro-Abort Organizations Should IMMEDIATELY Condemn Alleged Violence From Their Side

According to The Passionate Pro-Lifer as well as Operation Save America (note - page contains video....suggested for high speed users only), a peaceful witness for God had his vehicle severely damaged by pro-aborts. This allegedly took place in Jackson, MS.

Pro-Life Blogs posted a picture of the alleged perpetrators (with their mouths covered):

According to these reports, the taxpayer funded police force failed to do anything while this group allegedly severely damaged a vehicle. A crawl on the Operation Save America video claims that the police did confiscate pro-life signs. Flip Benham (leader of Operation Save America) tells someone in the video that there were three shootings in Jackson, MS. The reports indicate that the police would not do anything about the violence because the alleged perpetrators refused to give their names.

If these accounts are true, Jackson residents ought to wonder why they pay taxes! Their money is obviously being wasted on individuals who are either unable or unwilling to protect peaceful, law-abiding citizens. How does government theft of pro-life signs prevent pro-aborts from committing heinous acts of violence against born people? Since the mayor declared a state of emergency because of routine violence in Jackson, this is just your typical day in this city.

IF THESE ACCOUNTS ARE TRUE, then all pro-abortion organizations, especially those who have gone to Jackson to protest the pro-life presence as well as the Jackson abortuary business, should IMMEDIATELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY CONDEMN the violence from their fellow pro-aborts. Silence is consent. Should this picture be known as the covered face of America's pro-abort movement? Of course, it is difficult for other pro-abort groups to honestly condemn this violence from their fellow pro-aborts. Afterall, every abortion groups advocate violence (in the form of abortion) against the most innocent and most vulnerable human beings of all: preborn babies.