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Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kansans Elect Pro-Abortion Attorney General Who Will Drop Investigations Into Child Killing Businesses

Hundreds of thousands of Kansans told the world tonight that they want Wichita to retain the title of ABORTION CAPITAL in my opinion. They elected a pro-abortion attorney general candidate who benefitted from a Tiller ProKanDo PAC fundraiser and low and behold announced he'd stop the investigations into Tiller. Wow, what a coincidence!!

Kline was investigating allegations that suspected cases of rapes were not reported. This is KANSAS LAW. In my opinion, some laws must be inconvenient to those in Kansas who voted pro-baby-killing. Well, afterall, if the rapists are not out on the street, it reduces the abortion mills' cash flow. In my opinion, the welfare of the abortion businesses seemed to be a high priority for pro-abortion Kansans tonight. Every rapist must have breathed a sigh of relief with the results of the election.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Early Results Show Kansans Fine with Politicians Who Support Baby Killing Businesses

Early results show that Kansans are in favor of politicians who support child slaughter businesses. AG candidate Morrison has an early lead. According to Operation Rescue, Morrison benefitted from a fundraiser from Tiller's ProKanDo pro-abortion political action committee. Morrison has promised to drop investigations into Tiller's abortuary and that of another abortuary in the state. A majority of people in Kansas are fine with this. Kansas is a "fly over state." Of course, they do have one claim to infamy: abortion. Kansas --- Wichita in particular --- is the abortion capital. A majority of Kansas voters are fine with this, in my opinion. May God have mercy on all of us.

Even if Pro-Abortion Paul Morrison Wins the Kansas AG Race...

Regardless of who wins the AG Race in Kansas, keep blogging about Tiller. If Morrison, who received the benefit of a fundraiser from Tiller's political action committee ProKanDo, makes good on his promise to drop the investigations of his benefactor, just keep talking about it. Keep reminding people of what has happened and what is going on. Let the world know. Let everyone know that Wichita is the abortion capital of the free world. Never give up.

According to O'Reilly's radio broadcast today, he's continuing to work on the Tiller story. He said there's more to come right after the elections. Regardless of whether Tiller gets a favorable attorney general to go along with a favorable governor, O'Reilly will keep going.

Vote pro-life

If you have not voted already, PLEASE vote for life. Consider the candidates' stances on abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual "marriage" (yes, this is a life issue because misuse of sex encourages disrespect for life). Remember that we will be judged on EVERYTHING we do. If we enable someone who is pro-baby-killing, we are responsible. It may be one thing if one person is totally pro-abortion and another believes in restrictions on abortion and there are NO totally pro-life candidates available. But anything else is enabling a pro-abortion politician. God bless all of you and please remember that Jesus knows the choices you make in the voting booth. Consider whether he might agree with your choices.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tiller's Abortion Mill Gave Abortion Customer Names to ProKanDo Pro-Abortion Political Action Committee in Prior Years

The pro-abortion side is whining about O'Reilly and Kline making generalizations about abortions taking place in Tiller's child slaughterhouse. Tiller's lawyers are talking about customer "privacy." It's funny because in prior years, Tiller gave his customer data, including NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS to ProKanDo, a pro-abortion political action committee. O'Reilly exposed that on the air in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the notice disappeared from Tiller's web site. Will the pro-abortion crowd condemn what Tiller's child slaughter business was doing? I'm not going to hold my breath.

Tiller Asked For It

Tiller's attorney asked for Bill O'Reilly to be fired. A good part of O'Reilly's show was devoted to Tiller. A national audience gets to learn about the sickening events in Kansas. We learned of Tiller's political contributions to AG candidate Morrison. We learned how Morrison will drop the investigation into Tiller if he wins. Hmm... Tiller should remember Ward Churchill. O'Reilly talked about him for quite a while. Then Hannity and Colmes talked about him. After calling for O'Reilly to be fired, I really kind of doubt O'Reilly is going to let go. Campaign contributions to Kansas statewide candidates aren't going to silence O'Reilly. Tiller might remember Sami Al-Arian who O'Reilly exposed. Al-Arian was arrested.

Bill O'Reilly, THANK YOU for exposing this baby killing business owner!

Tiller Should Enter the No Spin Zone

If Tiller has a problem with O'Reilly, why not discuss it in front of the American people on the O'Reilly Factor? I'm sure Bill O'Reilly would give him air time. He can express his concerns about "privacy" to Bill. Afterall, Tiller is able to run a business that slaughters thousands of defenseless babies. Tiller personally sacrifices some of the innocent babies. Someone like this ought to be able to talk to Bill O'Reilly about his grisly business.

Bill O'Reilly might be able to ask Tiller how he feels about rapists running around raping girls and women. Of course, O'Reilly pointed out that Tiller gets $5,000 for some late term abortions. If he gets to do a late term abortion due to a rape, he might charge $5,000 to slaughter the innocent baby. In my opinion, rapists are a cash cow for abortion businesses.

Let's also remember that according to Operation Rescue, Tiller's political action committee, ProKanDo, hosted a fundraiser for Kansas Attorney General candidate Paul Morrison. Morrison has pledged to drop the investigations into Tiller. Hmmm....

If you're a registered voter in Kansas, vote for Phill Kline!

Kline's Opponent, Supported by Tiller's PAC, Pledges to Drop Investigation of Tiller

According to Operation Rescue, the PAC run by notorious baby slaughter business owner, George Tiller, ran a fundraiser for Kansas Attorney General candidate Paul Morrison. Morrison has pledged to drop criminal investigations into Tiller. Hmm...

O'Reilly to Talk About Tiller Tonight

O'Reilly will be talking about George Tiller, the notorious baby killer tonight. Tiller has allegedly failed to report cases of suspected rape to the authorities, AS REQUIRED BY KANSAS LAW. There is no such thing as a "legal" (from a secular point of view) abortion if the abortionist is not obeying ALL secular laws. It is alleged that not all secular laws have been followed by Tiller's child killing mill.

If you are a registered voter in Kansas, PLEASE vote for Phill Kline!

O'Reilly Broadcast Did NOT Violate HIPPA

Liberal pro-abortion types are screeching that the O'Reilly broadcast on November 3rd about Tiller slaughtering babies and allegedly failing to report rapists is some sort of "privacy violation." O'Reilly provided NO specifics. He made a generalization. These are no different than when government agencies collect medical statistics about a host of medical situations. Then they are provided to researchers who often use taxpayer funds to come up with various reports (some of which are useless wastes of taxpayer money). Liberals don't object to this kind of research using generalizations. Instead, they object when ANYTHING puts the child killing industry in a bad light.

Kansas law says that when rape is suspected, it MUST be reported. Period. The allegation is that this has not been done. I don't hear the baby killers or minions just simply accusing Kline of being wrong. Instead, there are statements about "privacy," special prosecutors from the Kansas Supreme Court, etc.

Liberals say they want "safe" and "legal" abortions. Abortions have resulted in the deaths of numerous women. They almost ALWAYS result in the death of an innocent human child. Thus, they are NOT "safe." They typically in death of an innocent human being. As to being "legal," (in a secular way) that means all secular laws must be followed. This includes KANSAS STATE LAW REQUIRING RAPES TO BE REPORTED.

If you are a registered Kansas voter, PLEASE vote for Kline. Please also vote for Barnett. Unseat the pro-abortion governor who takes campaign contributions from baby killers.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kline's "Sin" According to the Religion of Liberalism

The religion of liberalism has declared that Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline committed what they view to be a "sin." He had the nerve to appear on the O'Reilly Factor and explain his investigation into allegations of abortion mills failing to report rape, which is required by law.

As part of this investigation, Kline subpoened medical records without names or contact information from abortionists. On the O'Reilly Factor, he made a generalized statement about these records. As this investigation may have the longterm affect of causing some rapists to be reported and put in prison where they belong, this might reduce the number of abortions that occur. If these rapists are out of circulation and would-be rapists stop raping due to fear of the consequences, abortion mills might make less money. Phill Kline has committed a grave "sin" according to the religion of liberalism.

Apparently, Kline has "violated privacy" in making a generalized statement. I think that those who want to complain about "privacy violations" when it comes to a generalized statement need to take a look at state health departments which collect abortion statistics. They need to complain about doctors who make generalized statements about patients without releasing names or specific details. Clearly, if one is truly worried about privacy, they must be consistent. Or are there special considerations when it comes to killing babies?

I need to have my gall bladder removed. My doctor told me about another patient who had the surgery and drove himself home the same day. He gave away medical information in that he basically told me that the patient was well enough, after having a part of his body removed, to drive himself home. He told me nothing that could identify the patient. Would those who are allegedly concerned about "privacy" be able to tell me how Kline's statement is any different? Or is it just that baby killing must be handled with kid gloves?

We often hear about how abortion is allegedly "safe" and "legal." There have been a number of women who have died from complications related to their abortion. The object of an abortion is to kill an innocent human being. Thus "safe" is not something I would use to describe abortion. If an abortion is "legal," that means the abortionist complies with the law in every aspect of the abortion. Thus, if the law requires cases of rape to be reported, the abortionist must do so. Otherwise, we do not have a "legal" (per secular law) abortion. One would think that those who believe in legalized child slaughter would at least want secular law to be followed (even though they are in open rebellion of God's Holy Laws).

Are those who oppose the investigation into whether abortion mills are reporting rapes concerned about rapists running loose in society? I certainly hope they are. But sadly, it is my opinion that they are not. It is my opinion that their chief concern is ease of being able to have an innocent child killed.