Irrevocable Choice

Irrevocable Choice is a blog about life issues. Those in favor of legalized abortion often use the word "choice." Once completed, the "choice" to destroy a human life either via abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell research is IRREVOCABLE. It is PERMANENT. It can NEVER be undone. The innocent life can NEVER be restored.

Monday, April 23, 2007

New KCFL Video Shows the Tragedies of Abortion

I'd urge people to watch Kansas Coalition for Life's new video. It focuses on four abortion related deaths. In one case, a teenager was murdered because she refused to consent to an abortion. In another case, a teenager died after having an abortion at Tiller's child slaughterhouse. The video is very sad.

KCFL's video is based on their signature ad titled "A Distinction Without a Difference." They are gathering signatures for an ad in the National Catholic Register. Signatures can be sent electronically or by fax. The due date to appear in the National Catholic Register is April 27, 2007.

Watch the video below.